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At the MATS ideas and potency are our highest ideal and pursuit. The possibilities that can be realized when brains, skills, practice, community, and insights intersect are limitless.

Limitations are that which we place on ourselves, and through the arts and communication an individual can ever expand their capacities for growth.

When we apply ourselves great heights can be achieved. Here at the Mt Angel Theater Studio, we support all that is natural about the Earth and each one of us, and we work towards nurturing the authentic and natural gifts of each individual student or client.

Part of our program centers around potency in the world. Whether through your work, craft, or unique projects of your dreams, we align experience and equities with that which will  propel your success.

We've produced work, performances, campaigns,

and students that have engendered exposure, success and advancement. At the MATS we offer this unique experience to locals and non-locals alike in this unique country space and setting.

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