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Photography practiced at it's highest level is about seeing clearly and visualization.  These two skills are reinforced and enhanced by the pragmatic usage of a camera. 

A camera is a tool for intelligently creating images that can have personal and worldwide impact which ideally one has made with insight and some control.

At the Mt Angel Theater & Studio we put the knowledge and the tools of image creation in your hands, with practical 

approaches to conceptualization & technique, while nurturing your creative process.

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Music and the practice thereof has been shown to manifest the highest levels of human brain function, and nurture synaptic elasticity - the crucible of creativity. Mindful listening, seeing, and steady practice therefore, improve the synaptic operation within our own brains, and our personal and creative systems. 

At MATS, we connect your experience of music to

open space and intimacy, surrounded by beautiful landscape where one can discover new connections to passion, consciousness, sensitivity, and sensibilities.

Through steady study and practice one can see and hear more clearly.

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