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What's the point of improving your understanding of photography, or music, or writing, in this day and age of automation and app solutions? The point is self-realization, self-actualization, and integrated potency in your life and art. Illumination! In this day and age of brain mapping, soul searching, and low bars, we have relinquished our power and our true human character.

As a commercial photographic artist and musician, I've had many opportunities at collaboration with all kinds of people in diverse locations, institutions, and performance venues. One thing I've noticed is that collectively we have succumbed to the collective societal perspectives of the day, as opposed to incorporating the vast knowledge and wisdom of the ages, into each of our most unique and potent selves.

In my workshops my intention is to enlighten and empower each participant to understand their unlimited power in creation. Creation classically does refer to an ideal concept in religious history, however, in this modern era I believe it is the Artist that will illuminate not only individual spirit, but in time the collective consciousness of humanity. Lord know's it's about time!

Command of craft and consciousness are required for such personal and societal evolution, but in modern times we have left so many behind. It starts here, with us.

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More to come!

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